American Bourbon

Buffalo Trace Bourbon

Made from the finest corn, rye and barley malt, this whiskey ages in new oak barrels for years in century old warehouses until the peak of maturity. This bourbon is batched from no more than 40 barrels at a time and is aged on the middle floors of the distillery warehouses where the temperature fluctuation is the greatest.

Spicy and sweet nose with caramel, creamy toffee eclairs, hints of cinnamon, rum spice and cereal sweetness. Brown sugar, toffee apple, sweet oak, custard, espresso beans with a touch of chocolate on the palate. Good length finish with sweet spices, cinnamon and toffee

Elijah Craig 12 year old small batch bourbon

Elijah Craig was named for a reverend who lived in Virginia. He kept a warehouse where he stored barrels and one day experienced a devastating fire. He used the charred casks regardless and found they imparted a lovely character. This is one of the first small batch bourbons, aged for 12 years and made in his honour.

Aromas are quite thick and full. There is a beautiful sweetness with notes of toasty oak, toffee, spicy stewed fruits, a touch of resin and a lovely crème anglaise character. Full and sublimely smooth on the palate with notes of stewed Bramley apples, malmsey, a touch of aniseed and a hint of spice. Good length of finish with toasty oak notes and a creamy sweetness.

Rowans Creek Small Batch Bourbon

Rowan’s Creek bourbon is part of the Willett Distillery (KBD) small batch boutique bourbon collection, which was first released in the 1990’s. Originally a 12 year old release. The mash bill is not released but it is clearly high rye bourbon, perhaps around about 25% of the overall recipe.

Aromas of caramel and vanilla layered on herbal and floral notes. The mouthfeel starts oily but finishes dry. On the palate you are treated to sweet caramel, vanilla, dusted in floral notes. Finishing notes of oak and a lingering spiciness.

Wild Turkey Masters Keep Aged 17 years

At 17 years-old and hand-selected by Master Distiller Eddie Russell for its perfectly balanced flavour, Master’s Keep is the longest-aged whiskey released by Wild Turkey in the United States. Aged in both brick and wood rickhouses.

Buttery aromas at first, before a big rush of clove and oak. A palate of heavy caramel and chocolate. A touch of smoke develops, it’s almost a bit vegetal at points too. A slightly menthol finish with cut herbs, brown sugar and white pepper.

Richmond Reserve 1792

This is a “barrel select” Bourbon, which means that the Whiskey master is not trying to satisfy a scientific formula or government regulator, he is mixing barrel lots to achieve the perfect taste. 1792 Ridgemont Reserve Bourbon Barrel Select is like drinking America in a bottle: Brash and full-bodied … spicy but balanced. Great to drink neat.

The aroma has a hint of orange zest coupled with a solid rye spice. On the palate it is pleasantly less sweet than some Bourbons, solid wood feel in the mouth, all the spice you want. The finish has lingering pepper with pumpkin spice and citrus

Woodford Reserve Cherrywood Smoked Barley

This is one of the first Kentucky Bourbons to use malted barley that’s been exposed to cherry wood smoke. With 30% malt content, the Cherry Wood Smoked mash bill has a higher concentration of malt than a traditional bourbon.

A complex aroma of mingling deep caramel, brown sugar and dark chocolate top a layer of cherry jam and nutty crumbles dusted with wood spice. The palate has intense smoked almond and malt character sweetened with cherry pie filling and a touch of caramel. The finish is long with smoked almond notes fade