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Portobello Road Gin

This gin was released by the award-winning Notting Hill bar, Portobello Star, home of the ginstitute. This is a place where one can learn an awful lot about gin so as you would expect, Portobello Road No. 171 to be rather good, and indeed it is. It’s an old-style London Dry Gin, containing traditional botanicals and spices, that harks back to the gins of yesteryear.

On the front of the palate Portobello Road Gin has a generous slug of juniper, the mid palate has a sustained, fresh citrus character from our use of lemon, bitter orange and coriander, which then develops into a sweet peppery finish, achieved by the use of liquorice and nutmeg.

Berkley Square London Dry

Distilled in a small copper pot still using the unique 48-hour distillation process, known as the ‘bouquet garni’ method. Inspired by leading chefs who have used ‘bouquet garni’ to impart flavour into dishes for many years, this method sees a muslin cloth infusing with the core botanicals and kaffir lime leaves as it is still distilled for a second time.

The traditional botanicals of a London Dry Gin, juniper, coriander, angelica and cubebs, contrast with a unique blend of: kaffir lime leaves, providing rounded, sweet lime to lighten the aroma profile of the gin, Basil, giving high green herbaceous notes, sage that is hand-rubbed to release the essential oils for a longer lasting flavour, giving green spicy notes similar to the basil but with less intensity and lavender, which gives strength and impact to the gin

Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin

The first and original gin distillery to be established in Yorkshire. Opened in 2013 by gin-loving duo and husband and wife, Karl and Cathy Mason, Masons Gin launched the resurgence of gin in Yorkshire. This bold, aromatic gin, with smooth juniper, rich cardamom, fennel, coriander and warm spiced flavours leading to a refreshing orange and juniper finish. A bold yet balanced gin, packed with flavour.

Chase Williams Elegant Gin

Made using a spirit made from 48 varieties of Hereford apples from the Chase 200-year-old orchards. In Ginny (the chase copper still) juniper, hops, elderflower, bramley apple, angelica root, orange and lemon peels, plus secret wild botanicals from the meadow and fresh water from the spring.

Fresh aromas of juniper, citrus fruit and floral notes. Elegant, crisp and fruity flavour followed by subtle apple undertones. The finish is clean, aromatic and complex.

No 3 London Gin

With juniper at its heart, the liquid unashamedly celebrates the integrity and character of a traditional London Dry Gin. No.3 Gin is distilled to Berry’s recipe specifications at one of the oldest distilleries. It is the only London Dry Gin being made at the family run distillery, which, just like Berry Bros. & Rudd, has over 300 years of experience.

The nose is bright, crisp and fresh with an uplifting welcome of juniper. Juniper to the fore, supported by floral notes and spicy, warm cardamom. Plenty of citrus ‘zing’ complemented by the gingery spiciness of coriander. To finish, the earthy dryness of angelica kicks in.

Forest Gin Earl Grey

Earl Grey Forest Gin is produced in The Peak District National Park using ingredients from the local forest such as bilberry, wild raspberry, gorse flower, pine and moss. These are ground by hand in a pestle & mortar with traditional gin ingredients, including Organic Juniper, Organic coriander seed, liquorice and vanilla. These freshly ground ingredients are then distilled just once in a tiny 30 litre pot still, before the addition of an incredible blend of Earl Grey Tea.

The resulting spirit retains all of the herbal, earthy flavours of Forest Gin, whilst the addition of the Earl Grey Tea blend adds sumptuous, delicate notes from oolong, cornflowers and Sicilian bergamot.