Islay (Standard)

Bruichladdich 8 year Old Laddie

An unusually unpeated Islay malt. The casks have been individually selected to showcase the classic, floral and elegant Bruichladdich house style. Made from 100% Scottish barley, trickle distilled and then matured for its entire life by the shores of Loch Indaal in premium American oak.

Notes of thyme, honey, citrus blossom and a hint of brioche on the nose. On the palate these is more citrus, though now juicy and sweet. Poppy seed and sea salt crackers, a touch of caramel. Quite grassy and herbal on the finish

Bunnahabhain 12 year old

The Bunnahabhain distillery lies on the isolated north-eastern tip of this enchanting isle – an idyllic place for distillation with a heritage dating back to 1881. Pronounced ‘Bu-na-ha-venn’, this welcoming dram is fondly known for its wonderfully gentle taste making it quite distinct from other Islay whiskies.

The aromas are fresh and aromatic, fruity floral with hints of dried fruit and a subtle prevalence of smoke. The palate is light with fruity, nutty flavours. A sweetness which has slight hints of vanilla and caramel. A lingering finish, beautifully rich and full-bodied.

Caol ila 12 year old

Pronounced “cull-eela”, the distillery is situated on the North Eastern shores of Islay. In the classic Islay style Coal Ila is made predominantly with peated malt and the resulting phenols have a big influence on the final flavour of the whisky, as does the salty coastal ait that the casks breathe during maturation.

Intense and rich aromas with malted barley and gentle floral touches overcome by smoky notes. The palate is light and fresh with toffee, vanilla and pear balanced by smoke and ashy touches. A long, complex finish with sweetness fading to leave dark and smoky flavours

Bowmore 9 year old

This is the latest addition to the Islay favourite’s core range. This whiskey has spent all of its life maturing in a combination of bourbon and sherry casks.

Aromas of salted caramel, toffee apples and burning honeysuckle, floral, sweet and softly smoky. The palate is stony and dry to start before a burst of sweet and floral barley sugar is joined by dark damp and muddy peat. Black pepper spice and charcoal follow, balanced by sweet raisins and hints of dried berries. To finish, charcoal, raisins and sweet apples.

Ardbeg 10 year old

For peat lovers, Ardbeg 10 Year Old is probably the highest-quality ‘entry-level’ single malt on the market, and the distillery many Islay connoisseurs would choose as their favourite. A whirlwind of peat and complex malty flavours.

Aromas of sweet peat, coal, caramac bars, a faint floral soapy note, pepper and chilli. A very soft, mellow entry to the palate, then the spices and peat come through in a big way, powerful, but with a balancing sweetness. Great length, long and warming with the smoke and pepper lasting longest.

Laphroaig 10 year old

This is probably one of Scotland’s most characterful drams. Laphroaig are well known for their distinctive, medicinal malts.

Big, smoky, peat-filled aromas with spices, liquorice and salt notes of Iodine and cool wood (classic of this particular whisky). The palate is seaweed led, with a hint of vanilla ice cream and more notes of TCP. The oak is big with upsurges of spices such as cardamom, chilli and black pepper. The finish is big and

drying with an iodine complexity.