Lowland (Deluxe)

Auchentoshan 21 year old

Triple distilled and aged perfectly for over twenty one years in American bourbon and Spanish sherry casks. This creates a refined Lowland Single Malt whisky, ripe with gooseberries, sweet creamy vanilla, a hint of oak, warm honey and the signature smooth, delicate taste you would expect from Auchentoshan. An impressive 21 year old Single Malt Scotch whisky that’s Distilled Different.

Ripe gooseberry notes together with sweet vanilla and oak, combined with a freshly cut barley flavour. On the palate there is light chocolate and soft, green fruit, with a twist of old oak and honey for a satisfying, smooth whisky taste. A long and lasting finish to this single malt, demonstrating a real depth of character that is testimony to an Auchentoshan whisky that’s Distilled Different.  

Ayrshire Signatory 1998 16 year old Single Grain

An idependently bottled single grain Scotch whisky from an undisclosed Ayrshire distillery, which was distilled in August 1998 and bottled in November 2014. A very intriguing whisky indeed.

Notes of soft vanilla, bubble gum, subtle spiciness of rye. Flavours of white chocolate, and peanut butter, a touch of lemon zest. Oodles of caramel and black pepper on the finish.


Girvan Sovereign 1988 26 year old 

Matured in a refill hogshead from October 1998 to November 2014. Only 283 bottles have been produced, this is a fantastic example of a Lowland single grain whisky which has been well-aged.

Pale golden coloured with rich mellow sweet nose – toffee apples & a floral aroma. Smooth, sweet on the palate with crème brulee & apple skins. A long, pleasant dry finish with a slightly sweet aftertaste and a hint of oak.


North British 29 Year Old 1985 – Small Batch

A small batch bottling of this 29 year old North British single grain Scotch whisky, presented by WM Cadenhead. It was distilled back in 1985 and bottled in 2015 with an outturn of 432 bottles.

Aromas of cardamom and ginger, sweet vanilla on the palate with caramel, orange zest and dried fruits. The finish is long with a subtle sweetness.


Port Dundas Sovereign 1988 27 year old 

27 year old single grain from the Port Dundas distillery in Glasgow. It was distilled back in October 1988 and left to age in a refill hogshead until October 2015, when Hunter Laing saw fit to bottle this wonderful grain whisky.

Aromas of vanilla with subtle spice. On the palate the vanilla dominates with hints of custard creams, Crème brulee and more vanilla pods. Sweet, long finish


Bladnoch – Berrys 

Bladnoch distillery sits resolute in the green pastures of Wigtownshire, the Southernmost distillery in Scotland. Part of a farm, Bladnoch utilized the rich barley from the surrounding fields which goes into all of their malts.

Floral aromas combine with kiwi, pear and waxy lemon. Delicate and refined palate; grassy notes join flavours of chocolate, lime and ripe banana. Drying cocoa powder develops into a fruity finish.