New Zealand (Standard)

Thomson White Malt Spirit

The pure essence of single malt straight from the Thomson still. This spirit is distilled from 100% malted barley using Thomson’s hand beaten copper pot still.

Aromas of fruit with green apple and cereal on the palate.

Thomson Two Tone

The two tone refers to the two types of cask used for the maturation of this whisky; european oak which formerly held New Zealand red wine and American oak exclusively used for Whisky.

Aroma of sea air and caramelised fruits, followed by red berries, apricot and spice on the palate.

Puhoi Organic Single Malt

The heart is then diluted to the strength of 47% with pure artisan water before filling the barrels. For the purposes of double aging, Puhoi use top quality small volume oak barrels handcrafted in Ukraine. These five and ten litre barrels provide the distillate a much better contact with oak than the standard.

Matakana Moonshine Southern Style

Painstakingly created by collecting only the best quality New Zealand honey, blended and re-blended with Matakana’s purest New Zealand spirit, aged and flavoured with wood (including manuka) from within the bush, this whiskey is smooth with just a hint of sweetness.

New Zealand Whiskey Co “The Highwheeler” 21 year old    

Years ago, in the Willowbank distillery in Dunedin, a batch of whisky was made in the distillery’s column still using un-malted barley. This “single grain whisky” was then blended with 70% of their single malt, and placed into American Oak, ex-bourbon barrels. Twenty-one years later, we have carefully selected casks and bottled them as “High Wheeler”.

Aromas are an elegant balance of baked pear and vanilla crisp with gentle floral notes, on the palate, pear sweetness following through with a clean and smooth body. Long salty, sweet finish with a chilli pepper warmth.

Workshops Distillery Inaugural Release NZ

A product of a “Father and Sons’ passion to create a unique New Zealand Single Malt Whisky. Made from only the finest Canterbury malted barley and pristine artesian water sourced from aquifers 130m below the Canterbury Plains.

The copper pot stills and distillery, hand crafted on-site by Douglas Lawry, produces a superior clean New Zealand Single Malt which is aged in French Oak barrels and bottled onsite.